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I miss the Ramones, Kings of American Punk

Sadly, in July 2014, Tommy Ramone passed away. He was the last original member of the Ramones. He follows band mates Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny. However, as their story comes to an end, their music still lives on, as great music will. I feel a sincere sadness as I lose...


Best Parking Spaces, Kathleen Hanna

There are few advantages to a long (hopefully temporary) confinement to a wheelchair. One is obvious: I get the best parking spaces. Another allowed me to meet my hero, Kathleen Hanna. Her current band, The Julie Ruin, was performing at the Cat’s Cradle. I know the main parking lot to...

Our House 1

There are Advantages to having Stairs

The door opens and we see the stairs reach upwards toward the second floor. The house looks and smells new. The rooms are empty and the walls are bare. In a few weeks, we will stuff it with furniture, six kids, seven pets and a disgruntled future mother-in-law. The organized...