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Scott Pilgrim 1

Scott Pilgrim, Free Read

The Birth of Scott Pilgrim In 1997 the Canadian band Plumtree releases the album “Predicts the Future.” The collection of songs include their biggest single, the track “Scott Pilgrim.” The song went on to inspire the pen of Bryan Lee O’Malley, who creates the 6 part manga-influenced comic series of...

Coffee Shop Window by Keith Roark 0

Natalie (Tell Me a Secret)

“Tell me a secret.” I look up to see an alien face peering over my laptop screen. I turn my head to the side much like a confused pup. “What?” Having no idea when she sat at my table or even who she is. She explains, “A secret, preferably about...

The Forest 0

The Forest and a Friend

A mist of five-finger leaves floats down to surround a young boy in a worn, aging body. The forest hides him like a blanket does when he senses a monster under his bed. This place has always been a friend. It is his hideaway. It gives comfort. He finds solace.   He sits...