Author: Keith Roark

Awesome Cover Songs – II

In part 2 we look at other genres covering country legend Hank Williams. His songs timeless and relevant and still inspire countless artists to this day.

Interview with Artist Jack Graves III

Interview with Artist Jack Graves III. A self described Eclecticism artist whose Icon series of work has gain international success.

Interview with Artist Yoonsoo Nam

As we continue our interview series, we speak with faith based artist Yoonsoo Nam. She is a visual artist born in Seoul Korea, now residing in Texas. (art)

Even Dwarfs Started Small

Even Dwarfs Started Small or A Cult Movie I hate.

< Head   /   Eraserhead > After watching famed German director Werner Herzog’s 1970 black and white film Even Dwarfs Started Small, I can only hate it. I have waited a few days before writing about it to absorb it. I still dislike the film, but I think I can now...

Awesome Cover Songs – I

The greatest covers of all time in this multiple piece series. We explain why we chose the covers song and then give you a side by side comparison to the original.

Interview with Artist Paul Richmond

It is our privilege to interview internationally recognized artist\illustrator\activist Paul Richmond, Among other things, Paul is well known for his controversial work exploring male masculinity.