Awesome Cover Songs – II (Hank Williams Edition)

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Move It On Over – George Thorogood and the Destroyers

“Move it on Over”, recorded in 1947,  is often called a precursor to rock music. It reached number 4 on the country-western charts for Williams. It’s a fun song that Thorogood does a great job covering. George Thorogood is known for combining blues covers with a fast rock guitar beat. He does the same with “Move it on Over”. He alters the lyrics hardening them to match his tough scratchy voice. He also replaces the original harmonica with driving guitars to give it his personal sound

The Original by Hank Williams / The Cover by George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Kaw-Liga – The Residents

The single was released posthumously in January 1953 and reached number 1 on the charts, where it remained for 11 weeks. It tells the strange story of a wooden Indian (yes, Native American) who falls in love with a real Indian maiden. The avant-garde band, the Residents, have a very original play on Williams song. They recorded the song over the bass line of Michael Jackson’s Billie-Jean. The use of the bass line may also be a clever pun since Williams first wife was named Billie Jean. Who knows?

The Original by Hank Williams / The Cover by the Residents

I Can’t Get You Off My Mind – Bob Dylan

The song appeared as the B-side to his 1948 single “A Mansion on the Hill.” It tells the story of being infatuated with an unfaithful woman. I chose Dylan’s cover because it’s different genres, folk versus country. It is also legend covering legend, twang covering twang, and…it’s Bob Dylan.

The Original by Hank Williams / The Cover by Bob Dylan

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