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Interview with Artist Jack Graves III

Interview with Artist Jack Graves III. A self described Eclecticism artist whose Icon series of work has gain international success.

Interview with Artist Yoonsoo Nam

As we continue our interview series, we speak with faith based artist Yoonsoo Nam. She is a visual artist born in Seoul Korea, now residing in Texas. (art)

Interview with Artist Paul Richmond

It is our privilege to interview internationally recognized artist\illustrator\activist Paul Richmond, Among other things, Paul is well known for his controversial work exploring male masculinity.

Camilo Calderón

Interview with the Artist Camilo Calderón

Well, my name is Camilo Calderón, I’m a visual artist from Colombia, Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Camilo Calderón, is a talented artist and instructor who was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

Leila in Studio

Interview with Artist Leila Fanner

< Wendy Liebman   /   Camilo Calderon > Leila Fanner Fortune shined upon me while perusing through Instagram. I came across the artwork of South Africa based artist Leila Fanner. Immediately, I notice her use of bold dark colors and dreamlike imagery. She has numerous exhibits (paginated listing below). Besides her...

Julia Lawing

Interview with Artist Julia Lawing

< Jack Graves III   /   Jossara Jinaro > Julia Lawing is an impressionist artist from Concord, NC. I was fortunate enough to discover her work at a local ArtPop show. I have been a fan of her paintings ever since. Within her work there is emotion, but still a sense...

Street Art - Noda, NC

On my own: Street Art in NoDa

Leaving the wheelchair. The first day of spring and two years in a wheelchair left me antsy to get out of this prison house, and with the good doctor’s permission to drive,  I finally get to escape on my own. I head to NoDa,  the art district of Charlotte. I...

The Sex Pistols and the Art Movement Dada

An angry, impish singer with red spiked hair screams into a mic. He shows a mocking disdain toward the raucous audience. The bass player poses and sneers playing random notes when he plays at all. The rest of the band plays hard-driving music to match the anger of the vocalist....

Graffiti Art by Hush


My love of graffiti originated as a child watching the trains whose tracks divided my small hometown. My curiosity was piqued by the freight cars covered with graffiti tags and images. I wanted to know these faceless individuals were and the stories behind each piece. I never saw it as...