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Chuck Berry

13 Black Artists that Inspired Rock: Chuck Berry

< Fats Domino   /   Bo Diddley > Born on October 18, 1926, son of a deacon father and a school-teacher mother, Chuck Berry grew up in a hard-working middle-class household. His mother, a skilled piano player, passes on her love of music to her son, but soon he moves away...

Fats Domino

13 Black Artists Who Inspired Rock: Fats Domino

< Robert Johnson   /   Chuck Berry > Antonio Domino or Fats Domino sold over 65 Million records during his lifetime.[1] Ranked as the 25th greatest artist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine. There is little doubt of his influence on rock ‘n’ roll. In the 1950s through the early...

Robert Johnson

13 Black Artist Who Inspired Rock: Robert Johnson

< Fishbone   /  Fats Domino > Robert Johnson and the Devil It’s midnight; two lonely dirt roads cross near the Dockery Plantation in rural Mississippi. It’s there that a young man with a guitar waits. He wants to strike a deal, his soul for great talent. The Faustian legend goes...


13 Black Artist Who Inspired Rock: Fishbone

< Vernon Reid   /   Robert Johnson > Grab a bag, add ska, punk, rock, funk, reggae, metal, hip-hop, country, social commentary, humor, mohawks, dreds, and unlimited energy, now shake it up. When well-mixed, pour it on a stage and you have arguably the best live band ever. You have Fishbone...

Verbib Reid

13 Black Artist Who Inspired Rock: Vernon Reid

< Run-DMC   /   Fishbone >   Vernon Reid may not be a household name, but if you love music, he should be. After years of struggling to find the right lineup, while attempting to break through the racial barrier of hard rock (a time before social media) he finally convinces...

A Band Called Death

13 Black Artists Who Inspired Rock: Death

< Little Richard   /   Run-DMC > Death is a story of what was and what should have been. The Detroit based proto-punk band came before the founding fathers of punk music. They were ahead of such legends as the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and the Clash. They began five years before...

Little Richard

13 Black Artists Who Inspired Rock: Little Richard

< Jimi Hendrix   /   Death > Heavy mascara and an androgynous sexual appeal, he bangs the piano with his groundbreaking style. His songs delivered with a powerful whooping voice. He is the legend, Little Richard. However, before fame, he was born Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, Georgia. Influenced by two...

Jimi Hendrix

13 Black Artists Who Inspired Rock: Jimi Hendrix

< Funkadelic   /   Little Richard >   Jimi Hendrix may be the best-known artist on our list. He is arguably the greatest electric guitar player of all time. Born left-handed, Jimi would play a right-handed Fender Stratocaster upside down. Before Jimi, other artists unsuccessfully experimented with feedback and distortion. Hendrix...


13 Black Artists Who Inspired Rock: Funkadelic

< Rosetta Tharpe   /   Jimi Hendrix > The lineage of Funkadelic began in the fifties when George Clinton and four Jersey friends create a doo-wop soul group called the Parliaments. The 1960s see them record for various small labels while George is commuting to Detroit to work with Motown. In...