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Street Art - Noda, NC

On my own: Street Art in NoDa

Leaving the wheelchair. The first day of spring and two years in a wheelchair left me antsy to get out of this prison house, and with the good doctor’s permission to drive,  I finally get to escape on my own. I head to NoDa,  the art district of Charlotte. I...

Graffiti Art by Hush


My love of graffiti originated as a child watching the trains whose tracks divided my small hometown. My curiosity was piqued by the freight cars covered with graffiti tags and images. I wanted to know these faceless individuals were and the stories behind each piece. I never saw it as...

The Unknown Graffiti artist, Banksy

Banksy is a UK based graffiti-stencil artist, whose work is known for its humor, irony, and social commentary. Although his art is well known, he keeps his identity hidden. Banksy’s reasons for anonymity are unknown. Although many graffiti artists choose to remain faceless behind aliases, this is mainly due to...