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The Sex Pistols and the Art Movement Dada

An angry, impish singer with red spiked hair screams into a mic. He shows a mocking disdain toward the raucous audience. The bass player poses and sneers playing random notes when he plays at all. The rest of the band plays hard-driving music to match the anger of the vocalist....

Poly Styrene

Remembering the First Lady of Punk, Poly Styrene

  July 3rd would have been the 60th birthday of the late Poly Styrene. Born Marian Joan Elliott-Said in 1957, she sadly passed away in April 2011 after a battle with breast cancer. A singer and writer with several solo recordings, she will always be remembered as the lead singer of...

Protest Songs I – Introduction

A look at protest songs including “Strange Fruit”, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “What’s going on?”, “Fuck the Police” and more (Music, Music History)